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Designer Bio

For over 30 years now, I’ve been or playing and customizing electric guitars. Although I knew I was not good enough to become a rockstar, I still wanted to contribute to the “guitar world” in some creative way.

Over the years as I continued to collect guitars and amplifiers, I began to grow tired of my living room which starting to look like the music area of a pawn shop, not to mention I had no room to walk around.

This problem actually inspired me to design a guitar display case with a built-in amplifier. Bringing the two pieces together in this way definitely was a space saver, however I used wood as the primary material to construct the display case, which made a very BORING first impression on me as a designer.

I was not satisfied with my first project because it was looking like a piece of furniture which I did not like and I quickly realized my limitations using wood. I knew I needed to work with a more limitless material to bring my vision to reality.

For about 10 years, I kept my vision in the back of my mind and continued to work for my family’s business, building catering trucks. In 2013, I became house ridden for about 6 months due to a back injury which allowed me the opportunity to refocus on my vision of building quality custom guitar display cases. With an open mind and uninterrupted freedom to be creative, I discovered that working with different metals would be the answer to bringing my vision to reality.

I now use a variety of metals including copper, brass and my favorite, stainless steel, in all of my designs. As a designer, metal has allowed my creative expression to be as custom as I want OR as custom as my client’s want.

Thank you for your interest in my work and taking the time for allowing me to introduce myself.

– Hanri Marderos